The Spanish Foot


Many early examples of C.F. Martin and Martin & Coupa guitars have a piece of wood under the
neck block known as the Spanish Foot, which is a feature derived from early Spanish guitars.

The "Spanish Style" guitar was constructed with a "Spanish Foot" joining the neck to the body. 

Martin copied the "Spanish Foot", implementing a "false" foot on his Spanish Style guitars which was not in fact connected to the neck.

Martin copied the "Spanish Foot" used by the builders of Cadiz, Spain, and also brought to the US in the guitars of Panormo, a mid 19th Century London Luthier.

The Jose Recio has a broad, thick "Spanish Foot" extending from the neck block.

The Panormo "Spanish Foot" joining the neck to the body: 


Early Martin with Square Style Spanish Foot


Martin & Coupa

The Schmidt & Maul and Martin & Coupa both have a "False Spanish Foot", which is not attached to the neck.

Schmidt & Maul

Martin & Coupa with a more unusual style "Foot".


  Later Early Martins have a longer "Shield Style" False Spanish Foot:

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