Martin Mandolins

Martin made three basic style of mandolins, the early round backs, the flat backs, and the later carved top and back mandolin.


 Martin Round Back Mandolins

The earliest Martin mandolins were the traditional round backs, made in the style of European mandolins.

Martin Style 5 Mandolin, 1899
All original, with original leather case.





  Martin Carved Top Mandolins

Martin's carved top, two-point mandolins were made as both the oval sound hole Styles 15, 20, and 30, starting in 1929, and the "F" hole Styles 2-15, 2-20, and 2-30, added in 1935. 

Martin's carved top, two-point mandolins were their closest competition to Gibson's popular "F" Series mandolins.

1940 Martin 2-20 Mandolin  


Martin Flat Top Mandolins

1915 Martin Briggs Mandolin


1916 Martin Bitting Special Mandolin


Martin Ditson A Mandolin



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