The End Is Near

End Strips on C. F. Martin Guitars

Pre-1867 Martins often have fancy marquetry end strips on their lower bouts.
c. 1860 2 1/2 - 22


Of two nearly identical 2-23 Style Martins, one has this fancy marquetry on the end piece, while one has a "plain white diamond" end strip.

c. 1855 2-23


The earliest Martins sometimes have strap buttons on their backs, rather than on their end strips.

c. 1860 2 1/2 - 20

Two Style 24 Martins, one with Spanish heel and one with the "ice cream cone" heel, both have the same "plain white diamond" end pice.

1850's 2 1/2 - 24

This 1-21 with zig zag rosette has a more complex light diamond end strip.

This 1840's Spanish Martin with pearl diamond rosette has a larger square diamonds on the end strip.

This pre-1867 1-21 has a unique "basket weave" strip.
c. 1860 1-21

1888 2 1/2 - 24

The style 24 was the one model to continue having marquetry end strips into the 1880's, several decades after they were discontinued on other models.

The Style 45 has beautifully mitered strips of pearl inlay surrounding an ivory end piece which matches the bindings, which were also made of genuine ivory on Styles 26 and above until 1918. 

The early Styles 26 through 42 have an ivory end piece surrounded by thinstrips of wood veneer.  The strap button is often made of horn, matching a button of the same material on the back of the headstock on guitars with optional ivory pegs.

1896 Martin 2 1/2 - 42

1893 Martin 2-34

1899 Martin 0-28

c. 1870's Martin 2 1/2 - 26

The "horn" Martin end pins are made in two pieces on an ivory shaft.

Headstock with matching horn pin.

Style 42 headstock with ivory pin.

1894 Martin 0-42

The style 21 has a rosewood end piece.

c. 1880 Martin 1-21

The early rosewood Style 17 has an end piece made of ebony.

1893 Martin 2 1/2 - 17.

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