The C. F. Martin Style 45 DeLuxe Guitar

The 1930 Martin OM-28 and OM-45 DeLuxe


Priced at $225 at it's introduction in 1930, the OM-45 DeLuxe was Martin's most expensive production guitar, a step above the Style 45, with inlaid pickguard and bridge, and engraved gold tuners with pearl buttons.  Martin carefully selected finer woods and other materials for their highest quality guitars.  The quality of materials, with perfectly consistent matching pieces of pearl throughout, is higher on this guitar than on any other Style 42 or 45 I have seen, from the 19th or 20th Century.

The first example, purchased used by Roy Rogers for $30 during the Depression, had a somewhat different design on the pickguard.  

The DeLuxe was discontinued within a year, after a handful of individual examples and three batches of three, due to Martin's inability to source the distinctive DeLuxe parts.  

1930 Martin OM-45 DeLuxe

Serial # 44070

This example is one of five known to exist today.

The OM-45 DeLuxe was the only catalogued Martin ever offered with an inlaid bridge, though these were common on many Chicago guitars.


The OM-45, with it's solid headstock, initiated a slightly simpler torch design than was seen on previous Style 45 Martin headstocks.

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