C.F. Martin Guitars Designed for the Rudolph Wurlitzer Stores

In addition to selling standard Martin models, often stamped with the Wurlitzer name, the Wurlitzer stores in Boston and New York also sold a line of exclusive, specially designed guitars which were the rough equivalent of Standard Martin models.

The Wurlitzers are distinct variations of standard Martins models, as opposed to instruments made for the Ditson and Southern California Music stores, which are entirely different than any Martin models, and the standard Martin models sold by the Ditson stores with a Ditson stamp on the headstock. 

Martin sold to Wurlitzer close to 300 guitars in the following styles:

Wurlitzer 2075 - Martin 2-17

Wurlitzer 2076 - Martin 0-18K

Wurlitzer 2077 - Martin 0-28K

Wurlitzer 2082 - Martin 1-21?

Wurlitzer 20?? - Martin 1-28

Wurlitzer 2085 - Martin 0-18

Wurlitzer 2086 - Martin 00-18

Wurlitzer 2087 - Martin 000-18

Wurlitzer 2088 - Martin 0-21

Wurlitzer 2089 - Martin 00-21

Wurlitzer 2090 - Martin 0-28

Wurlitzer 2091 - Martin 00-28

Wurlitzer 2092 - Martin 0-42

Wurlitzer 2093 - Martin 00-42

 C.F. Martin/Wurlitzer 1922 Style 2092

Beautiful original condition variation of the style 42 made for the Wurlitzer Company and sold as the Wurlitzer model number 2092.  
One of only 11 made in this style for the Wurlitzer Company

Similar to a Martin Style 42, the Wurlitzer 2092 most notably has a single ring rosette with abalone inner ring.  The single ring was used by Martin for guitars made for other firms such as Wurlitzer, Ditson, and the teacher William Foden.  The Wurlitzer, however, is the only one to feature the single ring on their top of the line model, making this the only single ring rosette with pearl.

While the top of the line Foden E has pearl borders on the back and sides of the instrument, the Wurlitzer 2092 has pearl on the top only, but shares with the Foden the lack of pearl surrounding the fretboard extension.

No Serial Number

The early Wurlitzer 2092 has Wurlitzer stamps only.

The fretboard inlays are also slightly different than those on a standard Martin Style 42.

C.F. Martin/Wurlitzer 1922 2092 / 0-42


Beautiful original condition variation of the style 42 made for the Wurlitzer Company and sold as the Wurlitzer model number 2092.  
One of only 11 made in this style for the Wurlitzer Company

Martin  Serial Number 17128

This later example has a Martin serial number and standard Martin Style 42 appointments.

Tuning pegs, nut, saddle, top and back body binding, and fingerboard binding all made of ivory. An abalone pearl border is inlaid on the top of the guitar.   An additonal connecting link of pearl is inlaid around the end of the fingerboard, and abalone is also inlaid into the soundhole ring, as well as the ivory bridge pins, and end pin.   Beautiful 45 style marquetry in backstripe.  The back and sides are French Polished Brazilian Rosewood, the top is red spruce, and the fingerboard is ebony, with Martin style 42 fancy inlays.  Dove tail joined headstock and neck with volute.  Scalloped X style braces.  The pyramid style bridge is a perfect replica of the original, with improved intonation, made by TJ Thompson to replace an earlier oversize  replacement.
Serial number 17128.  "C. F. Martin & Co. Nazareth, PA" is stamped inside the guitar on the center strip inside the back.  The name "Wurlitzer" is stamped on the back of the headstock above "C. F. Martin & Co. Nazareth, PA" .

Unlike the early 2092 with inlays on six frets, the later 2092 has a standard five frets of slightly more complex inlays.


Unlike the early 2092, with Wurlitzer stamps only, the later version features both the Wurlitzer and Martin stamps.


  C.F. Martin/Wurlitzer 1922-24 Style 2087

No serial number.

Beautiful original condition variation of the style 000-18, one of 18 made for the Wurlitzer Company and sold as the Wurlitzer model number 2087.  

Compared to the standard Martin 000-18, the Wurlitzer 2087 has a Wurlitzer stamp on the headstock and interior center strip, a single ring rosette, and five inlaid dots on three frets of the fretboard.

C.F. Martin/Wurlitzer 1922-24 Style 2088

A variant of a Martin 0-21, one of 13 made for Wurlitzer.

No serial number.

I've also found a guitar with a substantially rebuilt body and a Martin neck with the "Martin / Wurlitzer" brand stamped on the headstock.

This guitar has a bound headstock of the type seen on an Olcott-Bickford, but not seen on any other model. Either an O-B was sold to Wurlitzer, or this is one of the Wurlitzer models we haven't seen yet, such as the single 2093 / 00-42 produced.


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