Dyer 1922 Style 6 Harp Guitar
Original Dyer harp guitar made by the Larson Brothers in 1922.

Serial number 917



Serial number 917 dates to approximately 1922. The Dyer harp guitar was the quintessential Larson creation and a tour de force of audio dynamic design. Beautifully crafted X- braced flattop with gourd shaped bass chamber and two sound holes. It is amazingly light and comfortable to play (weighs only 5 1/2 lbs). This one is a Style 6 (moderately fancy appointments). All major parts are original including bridge, saddles, nut, tuners, frets, and end pin. Ebony bridge pins and ivoroid sub bass nuts are fine custom made replacements. Modern geared Planetary tuners were installed on the sub bass head without any modification of the original stock. The original Grover friction tuners are included.

Even playing it just as a six string the effect of the bass chamber and overtones of the sub bass strings is amazing: deep, resonant, FORTISSIMO. Maybe the finest sounding flat top guitar ever made. In addition, it is also an excellent player.


Larson guitars are known for their laminated braces...



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